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About the Centre

The Centre for Advanced Solar Materials (established in 2011) is dedicated to solving issues that are central to solar energy conversion and storage. Building on our leading expertise in chemistry and materials science, we are designing novel materials to convert sunlight to electricity and fuels.

Our fundamentally new approaches to materials design hold enormous potential for generating low-cost photovoltaic technologies. We are also unraveling methods to store this solar electricity as clean high-density fuels, such as hydrogen. Solutions to these issues demand a interdisciplinary approach spanning materials design and synthesis, nanotechnology, spectroscopy, and electrochemistry - skills that are at the core of our collective research team. The combined, comprehensive focus on conversion and storage sets us apart from other Canadian sustainable energy research centres. 

The Centre is housed within the Faculty of Science at the University of Calgary in Alberta, Canada. Calgary is Canada’s energy hub, and is situated on the doorstep to the majestic Rocky Mountains.

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